I've had an organic food box delivered weekly (from Greener Greens) for a few months now and I wouldn't go back to buying from the supermarket. I've checked the cost of my box against prices in the supermarket and it is cheaper through Greener Greens.   My box is delivered to my door in the early hours on Thursdays - sometimes I wake up when the gate goes and can't resist going down in my dressing gown to see what's in it.
 Food Director, BBC Good Food.





"Really enjoying your veggies - Id forgotten what a real carrot tasted like! The ones from the supermarket taste of nothing but water! Ive now got no excuse for not getting my 5 a day quota of fruit and veg. Its great!"
Carrie, Horley.




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Greener Greens

The Local Organic Fruit & Vegetable Box Delivery Service

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Providing fabulous quality biodynamic and organic vegetables, fruit and herbs direct from local small, independent growers since 1995.   Buy either via our Box Scheme or request a bespoke order. Large range of wholefoods, special dietary foods, dairy and cleaning products.

We deliver to Surrey, South London and West Sussex and through affiliated businesses to Essex, Hertfordshire, North London, Norfolk and Suffolk

Delivery is free. The minimum order is 15 for a bespoke box (ie choose your own) or 12.50 for an order which includes a seasonal box.

Or visit us at our stall at Horsham local Produce Market in Carfax, Horsham.  We're there every Thursday and Saturday 9am to 5pm


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