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Box Information

Where do I see the box contents?


We post box contents on the website every Friday. We also email you each week, so you can check whether you would like to stay with the same box, change to another one, or add any extras. We try very hard to stick to the contents, but the unpredictable weather and nature mean we do occasionally have to change at the last minute. You can always find the latest version of all the box contents here.


What size box is best for me?


We suggest the boxes are suitable for the number of people shown below, based on a week’s use. If you are vegetarian we recommend going up a box size.


 1-2 people

  • Mini Veg Box - 7 types of seasonal veg with carrots and onions. £11.00
  • Small Veg Box - 8 types of seasonal veg with carrots and onions. £13.25
  • Salad Bag - A bag of 4 salad items always including a lettuce, mixed leaves or rocket. £7.50
  • Small Fruit Box - A box of 3 or 4 fruit types. £4.00
  • Mini Fruit & Veg Box - A box of 7 organic fresh items including 2 types of fruit, 3 types of veg and 2 types of salad.  This box never contains onions or carrots. £13.75



 2-3 people

  • Medium Veg Box - A box of 10 types of organic veg. £16.75
  • Salad Box - A box of 6 organic salad items, always including lettuce or mixed leaves. £11.25
  • Medium Fruit Box - A box of at least 5 fruit types - £6.00
  • Mediterranean Box - A box of 10 types of organic veg and salad items with a Mediterranean twist.
  • Fruit & Veg Box - A box of 9 organic fresh items including 3 types of fruit, 3 types of veg and 3 types of salad.  This box never contains onions or carrots. £ 17.45

 3+ people

  • Large Veg Box - A box of 12 types of organic veg. £19.75
  • Star Spudded Box -  A box of 8 types of veg in larger quantities, including potatoes. £16.25
  • Large Fruit Box - 5-6 types of fruit.  £9.00
  • Family Fruit Box - A box of at least 7 types of fruit. £11.50



What if I don't like what is in a box?

Because we try to keep our produce seasonal and local in order to support our independent growers, our boxes have fixed contents. This also allows us to keep the prices of our boxes down - we want as many people as possible to be able to buy our organic produce. For this reason, we generally do not swap specific types of produce in our boxes. However, you can add extras to your weekly box, or alternatively create your own bespoke order without having to buy a weekly box. The minimum order for a bespoke box is £15.