Why Organic? Why Us?

Climate change, rising diet-related ill-health and widespread declines in our wildlife means that the need to produce healthy food, cut food miles and protect our wildlife is getting more important. Choosing how we eat is a simple but powerful form of direct action. That’s why all of our produce is certified organic by the Soil Association – a guarantee that when you buy from Greener Greens, you are making a little difference to people, plants and planet.

Our clients are continually enthusing about the taste and freshness of our food.  And so they should!  Our fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs from the UK are produced by selected small independent local growers to high organic standards and mostly collected by us within 24 hours of harvesting.

We regularly help those of our customers who have specific dietary requirements or health issues to choose the best products for them. Our personal approach means that our customers trust us to help them, and as a result, we have been delivering a wide range of vegetables , fruit and wholefoods direct to our customers' homes and offices for nearly 20 years.  

We are busy trying to spread our passion for good food across the country through an affiliation of independent businesses across the UK, each supplying local organic fresh produce, which makes our delivery area quite extensive.